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Announcements 5-17-15

Posted by Monica Korinko on

- For our community outreach for May, we will be collecting food items for God's Pantry. For next week, May 17th, please bring canned soups or stews.

Lexington Pride sign-ups for Saturday, June 27th - see Harris Parke.

- "Into The Wind", Community Connections with flags of prayers, hopes, and/or dreams. See Dean Rogers to learn more and become involved with this community-wide outreach opportunity.

- Starting this summer there will be a small group opportunity called 'Dinner of 6', this will be a wonderful chance to mingle with those you don't know as well in a more intimate small group setting. If you are interested please contact Roz Heise.

- Sunday May 24th Building Fund Commitment Cards are due

Serving Next Week

Liturgist Ben Mize
Diaconates Karen Miles & Mary Anne Moris
Acolyte Aslyn Bailey
Audio/Visual Sheri Beckett
Recording Michael Randolph
Nursery Cindy Terry
Children's Church IN CHURCH
Hospitality Jason Childers & Greg Giesler
Elder Michael Randolph
Trustee Dean Rogers
Mowers Alex Max & Kenny Bishop
*this list does not reflect any trades that may have been made

Prayer Requests

For the week of May 17th - please hold the following individuals close in prayer in addition to those not mentioned: Elenora, Katie, Brenda & Marsha, Jamie, Hattie, Sandy, Clayton, Shirely, Teresa, Daryl, Lexie, Justin, Dzhokhar.