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Chain Of Hope

Posted by Monica Korinko on

For centuries small pieces of cloth have been used as means to promote peace, love and compassion.

Traditionally these small pieces of cloth have been referred to as “Prayer Flags” that were hung outside so that their words would dissolve into the wind and spread to everyone the wind touches…

Share with us your and/or your organization’s hopes, wishes and dreams to create a community wide “Chain of Hope” to be displayed in the 4th of July Parade in downtown Lexington— allowing the wind to carry those hopes and wishes into our community!

The Bluegrass United Church of Christ invites you to partner with us on this memorable event. We will supply up to 5 blank flags to a contact person in your organization who will distribute for decorating with your hopes, wishes, dreams, etc for our community. We will collect them to display in the 4th of July Parade.

To order blank flags for your organization and/or to help carry the “Chain of Hope” in the parade, contact this email address to request your materials: 

We will be hosting a “flag decorating” workshop at our church. As the event nears we will keep everyone informed through Facebook and our church website. Show us your flags by posting a picture with #ChainOfHope