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December Outreach

Posted by Monica Korinko on

For our December outreach we will be sponsoring 4 families for Christmas. We'll be gathering together a Christmas dinner and a board game for each family, plus a stocking for each child. If we are able to meet that and still want to give more, we'll add on a few toy/fun items and clothing.

Eden has hung tags on the church Christmas tree to choose from. They are specific to keep things organized and as even as possible for each child. Each tag ranges from about $3 to $18-20, so you can choose 1 or 30, whatever you're able to do. 

All non-perishable food and other items can be brought into church at any time. **Please bring perishable food in on December 20th when you come to church.

Please tape your tag to your food or gift. No gifts need to be wrapped. If we end up giving clothes, you can wrap those, if you'd like. 

Our families:

1) Two adults and seven children (three of their own and four who were left with them unexpectedly by a family member)

2) One parent, 2 children

3) Two grandparents, one parent, one child

4) Two parents, three children (one of their parents just suffered an injury which left them unable to work)

Please feel free to take as many tags as you like, there are more to hang up! These families have all already expressed deep appreciation. Thank you so much!