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Fair Trade Items For Sale

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Contact Rita Swan by phone (859)255-2200 or email   to place your order, if you’d like to ask questions and see the products she will be available/selling them after worship on December 13th and 20th.

Chocolate Bars $2.50 per bar

  • Dark Chocolate from Ecuador, 65% cacao
  • Dark Chocolate with Orange, 65% cacao
  • Dark Chocolate with Almonds, 55% cacao
  • Mint Chocolate, 67% cacao
  • Milk Chocolate with hint of Hazelnut, 38% cacao
  • Milk Chocolate Caramel Crunch, 41% cacao 

Peppermint Tea $2.75 per box (each box has 20 tea bags)


Cocoa 8 oz. can $5.00



Regular Coffee  (12 oz. sacks & 14 oz. cans) $6.40

  • Organic mind, body, and soul:  Medium and Vienna roast blend coffee
  • Ethiopian Full City Roast
  • Bright Day Brew: caramel, vanilla, floral aroma; creamy, soft, sweet, light; medium roast 

French Roast Decaf 10 oz. sack $7.40


*Bountiful Decaf 14 oz. can $8.50

*Bountiful decaf coffee comes from the Las Colinas Co-op in El Salvador.  During a brutal civil war government land reform gave many poor Salvadorans their own land.  Without technical help or access to credit, most of those farmers went bankrupt.  But the farmers of Las Colinas co-op persevered.  They learned how to run a business and how to use new farming techniques.  Now 95 families farm collectively on land once owned by one wealthy plantation owner.  Everyone is paid the same wage per hour.

Note:  Here are our supplier’s description of the different coffee roasts.

Medium roast offers the sweetest, brightest, most accurate flavor profile of the individual coffees. It reveals the coffee bean’s true characteristics.

In full city roast the sugars caramelize a little longer, offering new depth to the flavors without covering up acidity. We’re taming the tart and highlighting the sweet.

With Vienna roast beans have a scarlet maple coloring with an oily surface. This roast offers dense caramelized sugars, and smokiness for more bittersweet flavors. Think cooked fruit. Think maple and mesquite. Think dark chocolate.

French roast is all about the roast profile, with heavy oils on the beans and a dark brown color. But we make sure the beans offer something more—heavy mouthfeel, smoky flavors, and a sweet, refreshing aftertaste.